Riding Accessories
Accessoires d'Équitation

Stocks, Ties
Competition Extras
Extras pour Compétition


Belts - Ceintures

C4 Belts

Made of rubbery plastic

Hundreds of colours and patterns of belts and interchangable buckles

Cut to fit any size
35086 - C4 Solid Belt Reg. $33.95 Qty:1
35087 - C4 Printed Belt Reg. $36.95 Qty:5
35088 - C4 Standard Buckle Reg. $10.95 Qty:4
35089 - C4 Chrome Buckle Reg. $16.95 Qty:0
Ovation Elastic Belts
XS - L

Black, Brown, Navy, Grey
28274 - Elastic Belt Reg. $29.95 Qty:7

Stocks, Ties - Cravates

Stocks and Ties

Plain or fancy, tied or untied

S - L

Men's White Ties
13376 - Pre-Tied Stock Reg. $31.95 Qty:1
Stock Pins

Assorted styles

Socks - Chausseurs

Wrangler Boot Socks


Women's fits size 6-9
30719 - Wranger Socks Reg. $18.95 Qty:1
Printed Nylon Boot Socks

Ultra-thin calf; lightweight, breathable.

Fun and ever-changing patterns.

One size
38085 - Dreamers & Schemers Socks Reg. $21.95 Qty:-1
26772 - FootZees Socks Reg. $18.95 Qty:9
12434 - Foozy's Socks Reg. $19.95 Qty:3
20573 - Inkstables Socks Reg. $13.95 Qty:0

Competition Extras - Extras pour les Concours

Optimum Time Event Watch

Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink

Large LCD display

Counts up and down
15942 - Event Watch Reg. $187.95 Qty:1

Pinny Number Holder

Adjustable Nylon shoulder and waist straps

Clear pockets front and back for number
1496 - Number Pinny Reg. $43.95 Qty:0

Competition Numbers

Elastic cords fasten around bridle or tack

Clear pockets with numbers
12884 - Competition Numbers pk/2 Reg. $5.99 Qty:0

Flair Nasal Strips

Black, white, Canadian flag
21806 - Flair /ea Reg. $13.95 Qty:9
37189 - Flair pk/6 Reg. $78.95 Qty:2

Miscellaneous - Divers

Equi Cool Down Towels
Simply add water for hours and hours of cooling relief - no refrigeration needed. Washable and reusable.

Ajoutez simplement de l'eau pour des heures de soulagement fraîche - pas de réfrigération nécessaire. Lavable.
Also Available - Aussi Disponible
Leg Wraps - Couvres-jambes
Neck Cover - Couvre-cou
Blanket - Couverture
Headband - Bandeau
Beanie - Calotte
Formats available - Formats disponible
13163Equi Cool Down Towel
10" x 8"
Assorted colours