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About Königs
Sandridge is pleased to offer our customers Königs quality riding boots from Germany. Anton Königs founded the company and 'König' means 'King'.

For more than 150 years they have been produced using the finest quality materials and the highest standards of technical excellence and workmanship. Characterised by a blend of tradition and the latest trends, the range offers something for every taste.
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Custom-Made Riding Boots

Königs offers a wide variety of Dress and Field boots in different models, leather, colours, and with options available to create your perfect pair of boots.

Prices start at about $ 1,000.00; our most popular custom Dressage boots with zippers are often under $ 1,500.00.

Delivery is 10 - 12 weeks from the time of order and a 20% deposit is required.

Please contact us by email for more information, or make an appointment should you wish to be measured and place an order.

Dressage Boots

Königs 'Favorit Special' Dressage Boots

- Calf leather upper.
- Calf leather lining.
- 7cm high Spanish Cut.
- Ribbed rubber sole
- Square toe
- Decorative Konigs crown at top
- Inside front zipper
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
30258Konigs Favorit Special- from$2050.000

Other Dressage Models
* These dressage models now include full-length zippers *
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
2201Konigs Sir DR Boots- from
Extra stiff boots.
(Sample above shows patent leather leg and Swarovski crystals along the top)
23637Konigs Grandgester Boots- from
Stiff boots.
(Sample above shown in dark brown)

Dress Boots

Königs 'Prince' Dress Boots

- Napa side leather upper.
- Pigskin lining.
- 6cm high Spanish Cut.
- Ribbed rubber sole
- Round toe
- Swagger tab and decorative Konigs crown at top
- Full rear zipper
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
36330Konigs Prince Dress Boots- from$1300.000

Königs 'Marcus' Dress Boots

- Light box calf leather.
- Napa lining.
- 6cm high Spanish Cut.
- Ribbed rubber sole
- Round toe
- Swagger tab and decorative Konigs crown at top
- Full wraparound zipper
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
13569Konigs Marcus Boots- from$1800.000

Other Dress Models
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
36448Konigs Excellent- from
Jumping boots in light box calf.
36447Konigs Oxford- from
Less stiff dressage boots.
17236Konigs Excelsior- from
Less stiff dressage boots.
(Sample above in Cognac colour)

Field Boots

Königs Field Boots

- Light box calf leather.
- Napa lining.
- 6cm Spanish Cut.
- Ribbed rubber sole.
- Full rear zipper with snap tab.
- Round toe, punched toe cap.
- Swagger tab with Konigs crown
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
6513Konigs Field Boot- from$1300.000

Other Field Boot Models
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
21466Konigs Alex- from
Field boots in Napa side leather.
36449Konigs Saphir- from
Many colour combinations possible.
36450Konigs Brilliant- from
'Antique Whisky' side leather.

Konigs Options

Samples of Konig Options
Click here to see all options on the Konigs website
A. Full zipper with snap, buckle or velcro at top
B. Coloured (hunt) tops
C. Large Königs crown
D. Patent leather trim at top
E. Piping
F. Full inside front zipper with snap, buckle or velcro at top
G. Swarovski crystals on patent trim
H. Swarovski crystals on swagger tab

#Option SamplesPriceIn Stock
34589Custom calf or height measurements
(Not on the size chart)
34590Made-to-measure boots
(Including foot measurements)
34591Extreme measurements
(Foot or leg)
34592Spanish Top 8cm$120.000
34593Spanish Top 9cm$200.000
36452"Favorit' boots in coloured leather$200.000
36453Patent leather boots
(Legs only)
36352Full-length zippers$235.000
36353Elastic gussets inside knee$120.000
36354Long elastic gussets$200.000
36351Spur rests$65.000
36350Rubber sole$120.000
34056Konigs Boot Polish 150ml$28.950
34057Konigs Coloured Boot Polish 50ml$21.952
36356Patent leather along Spanish top$95.000
36357Swarovski crystals along Spanish top$175.000
36358Large Swarovski crown at top$100.000
36359Crystal letters on zipper$67.500