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Breeches Reviews
2K Grey Riding Jeans
How do they look?
Caroline:"Looks like regular skinny jeans...the type of breeches one can wear out in public without them looking like riding pants."
Tania:"Looks very good."
How do they fit?
Caroline:"They are sized generously, so I opted for a smaller size than what I usually wear. They fit like a glove...comfortable without being too tight or too loose. They have a higher waist which is nice because they do not 'ride down' as you walk or ride."
Tania:"Fits very well...very comfortable (I would wear them all day). I had to pull them up when I bent down and got up."
How well did they function?
Caroline:"They did not ride down as I rode, they were not constricting, the buttons on the back pockets did not hit the saddle, and the material did not feel slippery in the saddle."
Tania:"They kept their shape even after 4 rides a day and they stay stretchy. I like that they feel like leggings - light and comfy."
What didn't you like?
Caroline:"They were a little too bedazzled/flashy for my taste."
Tania:"The pockets were too low, I was sitting on them when riding."
Would you recommend them?
Caroline:"These are the ideal breeches if you want to go straight from school or work to the barn, and from the barn to run errands or hang out."
Tania:"Yes for the comfort, but for dressage ...I think the buttons on the back pockets would rub the saddle."
Is the price reasonable?
Caroline:"At $ 195.00 I find the price very steep...if the long-term quality is there, then, yes, it is a good investment. It is a high price for riding apparel that is not necessarily as technical as show clothing."
Tania:"A bit expensive for not being full-seats."
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Schockemohle Carina FS Breeches
How do they look?
Heidi:"Very nice detailing on back pockets. The contrasting orange accents on navy are a nice touch."
How do they fit?
Heidi:"The fit is true to size. I find the waist to be quite comfortable and the inseam very comfortable. I am tall (5'9") and the regular length fit well."
How well do they function?
Heidi:"Excellent comfort while riding. The breeches never pull down or bind and the silicone seat offers grip without confinement."
What didn't you like?
Heidi:"I would like to see the same style in a regular suede seat."
Would you recommend them?
Heidi:"Yes, strongly."
Is the price reasonable?
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