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Sandridge can provide you with many
custom products and services to personalize your equipment.

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We can provide stable sheets and blankets, dress sheets in wool or fleece, fly scrims and 'Wick 'n Dry' coolers in a good selection of fabric, trim, and piping colours. Fancy hip ornaments, choice of surcingles and front fastenings are also options, as well as fleece withers, nylon-lined shoulders, and some custom sizing - i.e., altering the drop on the blanket or adjusting the length.
Ask us how we can help you achieve the look you are after.

"The scrims and coolers look absolutely wonderful!!! Thanks so much!"
(Kaitie B.)

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Saddle pads are available from a variety of manufacturers in a huge range of colours, but we can also have made a selection of baby pads or quilted pads in most stable colours, with or without custom measurements.

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Fly Bonnets
Fly Veils or bonnets are available in most colours; we also have bonnets made with customization of colours, design, size, and logos or embroidery.

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Konigs Boots
Konigs make both semi-custom and custom boots for Dressage and Jumping in Germany.

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Riding Jackets
Grand Prix offers many fitting options on their Classic, Eurosport and Profi jackets for Hunters, Jumpers, and Dressage for Men, Ladies, and Children. These include Short, Regular and Tall lengths; Regular, Slim, 'Pro cut' (extra slim) and Endowed (larger bust) fits, and a Husky fit for children. Sleeve and skirt length can also be altered, and there are a variety of of collar and pocket pipings, trims, and fabric and lining choices.

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Saddle covers and carrying bags; bandage holders; boot, helmet and garment bags; tack trunk covers, stall guard sleeves and tackroom curtains are also items we can have made up for you.

We have companies that can mix and match bridle parts and sizes to create your custom bridle.

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Many of the items mentioned here can be embroidered. There are several writing styles available and your logo can also be set up and used as you wish.

Brass or silver-finish nameplates are available for stalls, halters and equipment in rectangular and round styles.
Round coloured plastic tags in 3/4" and 1" diameter start at just $ 7.95, which includes up to 6 letters