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General Calmers
Produits Apaisant
Electrolytes Hooves
Skin & Coat
Peau et Pelage

General - Général

Mad Barn Omneity
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
10847Omneity - 5 kg pellets$60.951
36895Omneity - 20 kg pellets$149.951
37475Onmeity - 5 kg powder$69.952
37369Omneity - 25 kg powder$215.001

Mad Barn W-3 Oil
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
10370Mad Barn W-3 Oil - 4 ltr liquid$52.951

Equinety XL
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
36205Equinety XL - 600 gm powder$119.952

Lozana Sante Omega Balance
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
33865Omega Balance - 4 ltr liquid$110.006

Lozana Sante Oceanfeed Equine
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
36738Oceanfeed Equine - 3 kg powder$95.003

Vetoquinol Equine Super Diet
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
33352Equine Super Diet - 5 kg pellets$63.951
33505Equine Super Diet - 10 kg pellets$173.950

Purina Horse Plus
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
30862Purina Horse Plus - 3 kg pellets$39.953

Pureform Support One
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
31783Pureform Support One - 1.75 kg powder$89.950

Mad Barn Vitamin E
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
40152Mad Barn Vitamin E - 1 kg powder$86.951

Pureform Natural Vitamin E
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
6713Pureform Vitamin E - 250 gm powder$78.950

Herbs for Horses Natur-E
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1263HH Natur-E - 500 gm powder$93.951

Mad Barn IR Supplement
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
39869Mad Barn IR Supplement -
5 kg pellets

Calmers - Produits Apaisant

TRM Good As Gold
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
39270Good As Gold - 70 gm Paste$18.956
39271Good As Gold - 3 x 35gm Paste$27.952
30613Good As Gold - 500 gm powder$65.952
39298Good As Gold - 1 kg powder$119.950

Lozana Sante Zenitude
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
36813Zenitude - 900 gms powder$69.952

Omega Alpha Chill
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
17008Chill - 1 ltr liquid$51.954
33249Chill Ultra - 60 cc Paste$25.955

Herbs for Horses MAGmore
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
29941MAGmore - 800 gms powder$26.953

Herbs for Horses Calm & Collected
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
34645Calm & Collected - 1 ltr liquid$52.951

Vita B-1 Crumbles
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
28864Vita B-1 - 1.13 kg powder$22.501

Hypona MAG Vet
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1024MAG Vet - 800 gms powder$69.951


Equine Choice Generation 2 Probiotics
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
28702Equine Choice Biotics - 1.7 kg powder$54.003
34678Equine Choice Biotics - 4.2 kg powder$117.004
34123Equine Choice Biotics - 30 cc paste$27.950

Equine Choice AFX
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
36294Equine Choice AFX- 1 ltr liquid$30.951
36295Equine Choice AFX- 4 ltr liquid$73.950

Mad Barn Optimum Probiotics
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
14989Mad Barn Probiotics- 6 gm powder$21.9916
36514Mad Barn Probiotics- 600 gm powder$149.950

Mad Barn Visceral
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
15191Mad Barn Visceral- 2.5 kg pellets$99.953
36824Mad Barn Visceral- 5 kg pellets$174.952

Omega Alpha Biotic-8
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
28702Biotic-8- 500 gm powder$54.003
27316Biotic-8- 1 kg powder$100.005

Select the Best Fiberpsyll
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
7795Fiberpsyll - 2.27 kg pellets$60.951

McIntosh Proline Intensive Care G.I.
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
22034Intensive Care GI - 2 lb micro-pellets$44.952
27240Intensive Care GI - 5 lb micro-pellets$93.952

Herbs for Horses PROBIO Plus
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1253Probio Plus - 2.5 kg powder$119.951

Lozana Sante Psyllium Defense
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
36883Psyllium Defense - 3 kg powder$75.953

Electrolytes and/et Hydration

Mad Barn XL Electrolytes
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
36777Mad Barn Electrolytes - 1 kg powder$25.952
36778Mad Barn Electrolytes - 5 kg powder$59.990

Stress-Dex Electrolytes
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1689Stress-Dex - 4 lb powder$27.952
15948Stress-Dex - 12 lb powder$68.951

McIntosh Proline Electro-Blend
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
22037Electro-Blend - 2 lb powder$37.955
26241Electro-Blend Paste - 80 ml paste$16.951

Redmond Rock Salt on a Rope
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
28466Redmond Salt on Rope - Approx. 3 lb$20.5010

Salt Lick Holder
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
2921Plastic Salt Holder - Blue$8.951
1687Salt Block $5.2520
3873Salt/Mineral Block $5.751

Hooves - Sabots

BiopTeq H-Formula
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
31803H-Formula - 5 kg pellets$69.955

Farrier's Formula
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
33825Farrier's Formula - 5 kg pellets$128.950
33826Double-Strength Farrier's Formula - 5 kg pellets$110.002

McCauley's Biotime
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1676Biotime - 5 lb pellets$108.951
1677Biotime - 10 lb pellets$185.001

Herbs for Horses HoofMaster
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1223HoofMaster - 4.5 kg pellets$82.952

Herbs for Horses Biotin 220
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1245HH Biotin 220 - 1 kg powder$29.950

Purina BMZ
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
37571Purina BMZ - 3 kg pellets$52.003

Joints - Articulations

Equine Revolution Arthri-Collagen
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
35790ER Arthri-Collagen - 3.8 ltr liquid$83.9512

Herbs for Horses HyalCare Plus
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1244HyalCare - 350 gm powder$47.950

Herbs for Horses Hyla-Sol
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
37559Hyla-Sol - 950 ml liquid$59.951

Herbs for Horses Mobility Plus
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
31439Mobility Plus - 1.5 kg powder$93.952

Herbs for Horses Glucosamine Plus
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
37558HH Glucosamine Plus - 1.5 kg powder$110.001

Select HylaLube
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
39954Select Hyalube - 5 lb pellets$106.950

McIntosh Proline D-Mac
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
22746D-Mac - 2 lb powder$86.950
22747D-Mac - 5 lb powder$154.951

Pureform Glucosamine +
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
3311Glucosamine Plus - 1.5 kg powder$99.952

Recovery EQ
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
28722Recovery EQ - 1 kg powder$99.950
15927Recovery EQ Extra Strength
1 kg powder

Tri-Acta HA
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
18944Tri-Acta HA - 1 kg powder$149.953

Skin & Coat - Peau & Pelage

Select Nu-Image
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
23421Select Nu-Image - 5 lb powder$40.952

Therapeutic - Thérapeutique

Mad Barn Natural E & Organic Selenium
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
39626Mad Barn E & Selenium - 2.5 kg crumbles$79.951

Herbs for Horses Sel-E-nium
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1230HH Sel-E-nium - 1 kg powder$33.951
1255HH Sel-E-nium - 3.5 kg powder$94.951

Herbs for Horses Osteo-Aid
(Pain Relief)
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
29607HH OsteoAid - 3.8 ltr liquid$136.950

Herbs for Horses Breathe
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1256HH Breathe No Garlic - 1 kg powder$86.951

Omega Alpha Respi-Free
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
26906OA Respi-Free - 1 ltr liquid$51.951

Strictly Equine Barrier

Feed supplement that may help with sensitivity to insect bites.
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
1080Barrier - 4.54 kg$97.951
1041Barrier - 1.8 kg$39.950

McIntosh Bee Pollen

Anti-oxidents and amino acids that may help with immune response and allergies
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
22038McIntosh Bee Pollen - 500 gm powder$28.951

McIntosh Proline MSM
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
34913McIntosh MSM - 2 lb powder$23.500

Mad Barn Amino Trace+
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
37896Mad Barn Amino Trace+ - 5 kg powder$75.950

Treats - Friandises

Barnie's Treats
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
14983Barnie's Treats - 580 gms$10.507
21947Barnie's Treats - 1.5 kg$25.958
16705Barnie's Treats - 3.5 kg$42.955

#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
10821Bio-Bites Mint- 454 gm$7.958
19240Bio-Bites Apple- 454 gm$7.952

Martin Mills Special Moments
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
1026MM Apple - 1 kg$11.505
16265MM Peppermint - 1 kg$11.501
24926MM Maple - 1 kg$11.500
19238MM Orange - 1 kg$9.950

Herbs for Horses Herbits
Sugarless Apple, Carrot, Cinnamon, Licorice, Spearmint
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
30539Herbits- 2.5 kg$28.955

Purina Apple Chunks
#FormatPriceIn/En Stock
35014Apple Chunks- 1 kg$8.9530