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Brushes and more - Brosses et plus

Champion Brushes
Des Brosses Champion
Assorted / Assorti

Size / Taille
7 1/2"
Product Features
- Wooden Backs
- High-quality synthetic and natural fibers
- Made in U.S.A.
- Most styles also available in 8 1/4" (large) or 6 1/2" (small) size.
Information sur le Produit
- Dossiers en Bois
- Auto-adhésif; ne colle pas aux poil.
- Léger, respirable
- Imperméable
- Facile à enlever.
Formats available - Formats disponible
2339Stiff Union Fiber
Soies Raides
2340Medium Grey English
Soies Moyennes
2338Stiff Union & Medium Tampico
Soies Moyennes et Raides
6620Medium Natural Tampic
Soies Moyennes
1692Soft Horsehair
Soies Mous Naturel
1693Stiff Synthetic
Soies Raides Synthétiques
1959Medium Synthetic
Soies Moyennes Synthétiques
2348Soft Synthetic
Soies Mous Synthétiques

Tiger's Tongue Grooming Sponge
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
39318Tiger's Tongue $13.954
41447Tiger's Tongue Scrub Cloth$10.950

Magic Brush
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
29494Magic Brush$4.507

Horse Talk Mane & Tail Brush
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
14858Horse Talk Mane Brush$15.950

Hands On Grooming Gloves
Small, Medium, Large
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
22972Hands On Grooming Gloves - pair$35.951

Grooming Mitt with Massage Balls
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
31379Massage Mitt w/Balls$10.755

Plastic Spray Bottle
32 oz
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
1700Spray Bottle$8.951

Braiding - Tressage

Formats available - Formats disponible
21599Spray 'n Braid
4 oz
13867Aluminum Pulling Comb$2.9511
11750Wooden Handle Pulling Comb$4.953
1732Braiding Elastics -
Black, Brown, Chestnut, Grey
12758Braiding Wool$3.501
35010Waxed Braiding Thread$29.954
5115Braiding Kit -
Includes Pull-thru, hair clip, braid-aid, pulling comb, needle and stitch ripper in a suede belt

Clippers - Tondeuses

Formats available - Formats disponible
16216Andis AGR Cordless Clipper$495.000
27443Wahl KM-10 Clipper$315.000
5410Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer$19.950
20772Wahl Show Pro Clipper$99.950

We stock an assortment of blades from Oster, Wahl, and Andis; if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us!
23047Andis #5FC$55.950
3844Andis #T84$82.951
31658Andis #T10$55.950
3840Andis #10$62.953
3842Andis #30$62.951
3843Andis #40$65.952
3849Oster Clipmaster Blades$65.950
17201Oster Blades$47.951
14786Wahl Blades$44.951
S'il vous plait contactez-nous si vous cherchez un autre lame de Andis, Oster ou Wahl
1451Oster Blade Wash$16.951
28479Andis Blade Care$17.954
6393Wahl Blade Ice$26.950

Caddies & Totes - Caddies

Koala Grooming Box
Red or Blue
Organizes all your grooming kit, including spray bottles
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
17252Koala Groom Box$65.951

Fortiflex Grooming Caddy
Assorted colours
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
36361Fortiflex Caddy$31.950