Insect Control
Contrôle des Insectes

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Insect Repellents - Control des insectes

Bronco Fly Repellant
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
1023Bronco Fly Spray - 950ml w/sprayer$20.9515
7803Bronco Fly Spray - 3.8 ltr refill$56.952

Absorbine Ultrashield Fly Repellant
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
10771Ultrashield - 950ml w/sprayer$109.952
7803Ultrashield - 3.8 ltr refill$56.952

Golden Horseshoe Power Shield Fly Repellant
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
28906Power Shield - 950ml w/sprayercall - appellez
28907Power Shield - 3.8 ltr refillcall - appellez

Eqyss Premier Marigold Spray
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
34390Eqyss Marigold Spray - 950ml w/sprayercall - appellez
34391Eqyss Marigold Refill - 3.8 ltr refillcall - appellez

Repel-X Concentrate

Dilute with 4 - 7 parts water
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
26363Repel-X - 950mlcall - appellez

Farnam Wipe Repellant
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
1063Wipe - 950ml$71.953

Golden Horseshoe Tick End Repellent
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
39554Tick End Spray - 1 ltrcall - appellez
39555Tick End Refill - 4 ltrcall - appellez

Farnam Roll-On Repellant

Ideal for face and ears
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
1066Roll-On Repellant - 59 ml$16.956

Farnam Swat Wound Ointment

Keeps insects from wounds and sensitive or hard-to-reach areas.
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
1022Swat Ointment - 170 gm$26.954

Strictly Equine Barrier

Feed supplement that may help with sensitivity to insect bites.
#ItemPriceIn/En Stock
1080Barrier - 4.54 kg$97.950
1041Barrier - 1.8 kg$39.951