Nunn Finer
Custom Bridles

Brides Nunn Finer Custom Bridles
Select the parts and sizes to create your own custom bridle.

Choisissez les parties et les tailles pour créer votre propre bride personnalisée.

Browbands - Frontales
- Plain Padded
- Silver or Brass Clinchers
- Various 'Bling' browbands also available

Nosebands - Muserolles
Figure 8s
- Sliding Cheek
- Ring Cheek
- Padded w/removable sheepskin and neoprene buttons
- Sewn-in Loop
- Removable Flash
- Drop Nosebands
- Adjustable Drop
- Padded
Other Matching Nosebands
- Padded Cavesson
- Kineton
- Lever Noseband - Adjustable or Plain

Reins - Rênes
- Traditional with large or small pimples
- Soft Rubber in Black or Havana
(Rubber in assorted colours)
Other Matching Reins
- Plain
- Continental with stops
- Rubber-lined with or without stops
- Nylon/rubber Sure-Grip