Saddles Franšais

Sandridge Saddlery stocks quality new saddles from Kent & Masters and also supply saddles from Amerigo, Jeremy Rudge, Pessoa and Santa Cruz and other fine companies.

Sandridge is very proud of our close association with Jeremy Rudge Saddlery in England. An experienced team of saddlers and horsemen work together to solve even the most challenging fit issues, creating solutions from the tree out.

We are committed to helping horse and rider find the best possible fit, and ensuring your investment will give years of satisfaction. We can arrange for professional saddle fitters to help you with saddle selection, fitting, re-stuffing, and general repairs of all types, including tree adjustments and extensive alterations. Contact us if you require help with saddle fitting, adjustment, or repairs.

Saddle Showroom:

Please note that the saddle showroom is open from noon - 5:00 p.m. each day or by appointment.
We recommend you make an appointment when saddle shopping to ensure we can give you the best possible advice and service.

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