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About Kent & Masters
Sandridge is pleased to offer our customers the excellent value and flexibility offered by Kent & Masters saddles.

These are quality saddles, made in England, that offer a number of fitting adjustments that can be quickly and easily done - often allowing one saddle to fit a variety of horses, or be adjusted to fit a growing or developing horse.

K & M saddles are very comfortable for the rider and beautifully styled; very affordable, yet packed with great features!
Value and Flexibility - Made in England

Kent & Masters Saddle Fitting Features
Each K & M saddle includes adjustability built right in. Working with your saddle-fitter, it is possible to affect the fit of the saddle for horse and rider in up to 5 areas - ensuring an optimum fit for a variety of horse and rider builds.
Changeable Gullet Bar

There are 8 gullet bar widths to fit the short bar (S-bar) saddles, and 7 options for the (R-bar) regular and high-profile saddles.
Moveable Billets

The billets on most dressage saddles are easily moved to accommodate the horse's conformation and maximize saddle stability.
100% British Wool Flocking

Wool flocking provides superior softness and comfort for the horse. It molds and settles quickly and can be adjusted by your saddle-fitter to optimise panel contact with the horse.
Front and Rear Panel Gussets

Slim gussets at the front and rear of the panels on low-profile saddles reduce bulk between horse & rider. The more generous gussets on regular models offer greater flexibility for your saddle-fitter to adjust the wither and spine clearance, and to correctly balance the saddle.
Adjustable Knee and Calf Blocks

The size and position of the knee/thigh or calf blocks can be easily altered to customize support of the rider's leg.
(Except certain S-model saddles with surface blocks)

About Amerigo
Amerigo saddles are the result of the partnership between Menetsattel AG, a Swiss company that develops and researches horses, riders and saddles, and Selleria Equipe of Italy.

Only the finest naturally-tanned leather is used and each saddle is handmade in Italy by master craftsmen.

All Amerigo saddles are built on wooden spring trees that are guaranteed for 5 years, and the independant panels are carefully shaped and flocked with a synthetic wool mixture which is hard-wearing, hygenic, and adapts perfectly to the shape of the horse.
"Success has no boundaries"

The Man Behind Amerigo

The Creation of Your Perfect Saddle
Ideally, you will have the help of a qualified Amerigo saddle fitter to help you choose the correct model and tree width of saddle. A template of the horse's back and/or photos may also be taken if necessary.

You will then select the appropriate seat size along with the flap length and cut. Different knee blocks are available, and can be fastened with velcro if desired. Finally, the colour and type of leather is chosen and your saddle is then ordered.

A large range of saddles are stocked in North America for quick delivery; custom orders from Italy may take 8-10 weeks.

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Amerigo Vega
Amerigo produces the Vega line of saddles on a specially created synthetic tree with a tempered steel head iron for strength and stability. Vega saddles also feature Amerigo's independant panels which are wool-flocked, and is suitable for a wide variety of horses and riders.