Jeremy Rudge Custom Saddles

Made to Measure Saddles
As individual as you and your horse
Master Saddler Jeremy Rudge and his team have been crafting made to measure saddles since 1988.

They believe that the secret of made-to-measure saddles lies in the fit of the tree - the internal frame on which the saddle is built. Their manufacturing process depends on the selection of the optimum style, size and shape of tree which conforms best to the horse's type and conformation.

The rider's build and preferences are then taken into account to produce a saddle that is comfortable, fits correctly, and enables the horse and rider to perform at their best.
- The finest quality English saddles -

Ordering a Custom Saddle

Assessing the Horse
Horses vary in width, length, girth, wither size and bend (or dip) in the horse’s back. Many horses are asymmetrical, unsound or unfit. A professional saddle fitter will consider all of these factors when evaluating saddle fit.

Choosing the Tree
A correctly-fitting tree should have close contact with the horse's back over most of its surface area. A critical area is the tree head, which should correspond accurately to the angle of the body behind the shoulder, and the slope and length of the wither. The length and angle of the rails determine the fit along the horse’s back, while the ‘twist’ – the narrowest part of the tree – should be over the horse's center of gravity as it will determine where the rider will sit most comfortably.

A well-fitting tree is a key component of a saddle which allows the rider to sit in balance on a horse working in comfort.

Saddle Design
Once the saddle fitter has selected a suitable tree, there are a number of other decisions to be made:

- Type of saddle required (Dressage, jump, etc.).
- Billeting system and panel design that will be most beneficial for the horse.
- Seat size and depth; length and shape of the flap; type and size of knee
  and/or calf blocks for the rider.
- Special requirements, such as panel adjustments.
- Colour and type of leather, and any personalized finishes.

Tree Models

JR Flight

This tree is designed for the Thoroughbred-type horse with a higher, longer wither, narrower spine and a back that slopes away from the spine at an angle.

This tree has plenty of room for a decent wither, but suits a straighter, broader back on less of a slope away from the spine than the Flight, as seen on many Warmbloods. With a slightly shallower seat, it is especially suitable as a jumping or all-purpose saddle.
JR Pace

The Pace tree is best suited to the large Warmblood-type horse with a normal wither. It is similar to the FB tree, but features a narrower twist.
JR Fusion

Fusion trees fit an average wither and a medium width of back. This tree can work well with shorter backs when combined with a short gusset on the panel.
JR Remy

The Remy tree fits an average wither and flattens out to suit a broader back. This tree also works well with shorter backs and rising toplines when combined with a short gusset on the panel.
JR Vision

The Vision (formerly MF) tree is designed to fit short-backed, broad horses such as Arabians, large ponies & cobs, the Spanish breeds and some Warmbloods. This tree may also allow a bigger seat size to fit a short back.

Pricing and Delivery

Custom Jeremy Rudge custom saddles start at $ 4,995.00. This includes the initial evaluation and measurement of your horse by a saddle fitter (Kingston East to Quebec City) and one adjustment within 6 months of receiving the saddle.

Pricing in other areas or using another fitter will be determined individually.

We usually have demo or 'stock' models for sale at lower prices. Please contact us for current availability.

Normally delivery is 8-10 weeks, though it may be shorter or longer depending on time of year and other factors.


"...its been over 2 months since I first received the JR saddle for a petite, sensitive, off-track thoroughbred with a short back and medical issues. Due to this everyone involved in her care is consulted before changes are made; coach, veterinarian, chiropractor, massage therapist, blacksmith, and most of all we listen to Sky herself.

We had tried over 50 different saddles of every major manufacturer...

...her Chiropractor did an assessment and was absolutely stunned to find no tension or soreness in her back. Her massage therapist had the same findings. My coach is amazed at her improvement under saddle, I want to say a BIG thank-you to Holly for finding/fitting the saddle, to Sandridge for making it available and to Jeremy Rudge for making this saddle."
(Bev W.)