About Fairfax Saddles
Sandridge is pleased to offer you the premium quality and fitting flexibility of Fairfax saddles, which blend traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology.
Performance Through Science

Fairfax Saddle Fitting Features
Each Fairfax saddle has adjustability built right in. Working with your saddle-fitter, it is possible to significantly affect the fit of the saddle for horse and rider. Additionally, different models offer a variety of panel options, enabling a great fit for most horses' requirements.
Changeable Gullet Bar

There are 7 Regular gullet bar widths to fit Fairfax saddles, and 7 Short gullet bars to fit the Low-Wither Dressage and GP and the Petite Jump saddles.
Billet Options

Monoflap Dressage and jump saddles offer at least 3 billet positions to accommodate the horse's conformation and maximize saddle stability.
100% British Wool Flocking

Wool flocking provides superior softness and comfort for the horse. It molds and settles quickly and can be adjusted by your saddle-fitter to optimise panel contact with the horse.
Front and Rear Panel Gussets

Gussets at the front and rear of the panels offer greater flexibility for your saddle-fitter to adjust the wither and spine clearance, and to correctly balance the saddle.
Changeable Shoulder Blocks

Performance and World Class dressage saddles are supplied with three thicknesses of changeable shoulder blocks to allow for more precise fit for the horse and feel for the rider.

Research and Design
What makes Fairfax Saddles unique is that the benefits of the designs are thoroughly researched, independently tested and scientifically proven.

The game-changing designs of the Performance Panels, Fairfax Girth, and Performance Bridles are protected by patents.
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Fairfax Classic Models
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A complete range of saddles made in England using high-quality materials and based on correct fitting principles. Classic styling offers the rider support and balance, and optimum fit and comfort for the horse.
Classic Dressage Models

- With moveable thigh blocks
- Petite model
- Monoflap model
- Low-wither (S-Bar) model
Classic Jump Models

- With Plain Flap
- Petite Jump Model
- Cupped Flap Model
General Purpose Models

- Classic (pictured)
- Low-wither Model (S-Bar)
- GPD/VSD Model
Cross-Country Models

- Monoflap w/Small Blocks
- Monoflap w/Large Blocks
- Petite Model

Fairfax Classic Deluxe Models
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Three Classic saddles covered in deluxe soft and grippy full-grain leather.
Classic Deluxe Dressage

Monoflap with supportive thigh block.

17" 17.5" 18"
Classic Deluxe Jump

Security and comfort for horse and rider.

17" 17.5" 18"
Classic Deluxe Compact A/P

Premium version of a popular model
(K & M model shown)

17" 17.5" 18"
Classic Deluxe Cross-Country

Close-contact feel with great thigh and calf support.

17" 17.5" 18"

Fairfax Performance Models
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Competition saddles covered in deluxe Italian calf leather and featuring patented Performance panels.
Performance Dressage

- Petrus model
- Stella model
- Cara model (pictured)
Performance Jump

- Sirius model
Performance Cross-Country

- Eros model
- Polaris model (pictured)

Fairfax World Class Saddles
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World class design, materials and fit combined to create the ultimate competition saddles.
World Class Dressage

- World Class I (en photo)
- World Class II
World Class Jump

Foam or Performance panels
World Class Cross-Country

Foam or Performance Panels

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