Fly Veils
Voiles ŕ Mouches

Styles available - Formats disponible
35945Fly Veils w/Neoprene Ears
Reduces noise
Black, Grey,Brown, Navy
One size
7518Eskadron Fly Veils
Many colours, trims
One size
5916BR Fly Veils
Many colour combinations
Pony or Horse
Can be embroidered
19127Black Diamond Fly Veils
Lightweight mesh with lycra ears
Black with 6 colours of piping
One size
Can be embroidered
34791BR Glamour Chic Fly Veils
Lightweight mesh with cotton ears
Six colours with crystals
Pony or Horse

Talisman Custom Fly Veils
Bonnet ŕ mouches ŕ mesure Talisman
Choose the base colour - choissisez le couleur de base:

Choose your trim colour(s): Choissisez le(s) couleurs de bordure:

Choose cord colour and/or Small, Medium, or Large Crystals
Choisissez la couleur du cordon et des cristaux petits, moyens ou grands

Select Scalloped V-Front, Squared Front, or V-Front. Long tie-down also available.

Add nametags or logos - ajoutez un nom ou un logo:

You are limited only by your imagination! -
Tu es seulement limité par ton imagination!
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17220Talisman Fly Bonnet - from$150.001