About Kent & Masters
Sandridge is pleased to offer our customers the excellent value and flexibility offered by Kent & Masters saddles.

These are quality saddles, made in England, that offer a number of fitting adjustments that can be quickly and easily done - often allowing one saddle to fit a variety of horses, or be adjusted to fit a growing or developing horse.

K & M saddles are very comfortable for the rider and beautifully styled; very affordable, yet packed with great features!
Value and Flexibility - Made in England

Kent & Masters Saddle Fitting Features
Each K & M saddle includes adjustability built right in. Working with your saddle-fitter, it is possible to affect the fit of the saddle for horse and rider in 5 areas - ensuring an optimum fit for a variety of horse and rider builds.
Changeable Gullet Bar

There are 8 gullet bar widths to fit the low-profile (S-bar) saddles, and 7 options for the (R-bar) higher-profile saddles.
Moveable Billets

The billets on most dressage and jumping saddles are easily moved to accommodate the horse's conformation and maximize saddle stability.
100% British Wool Flocking

Wool flocking provides superior softness and comfort for the horse. It molds and settles quickly and can be adjusted by your saddle-fitter to optimise panel contact with the horse.
Front and Rear Panel Gussets

Slim gussets at the front and rear of the panels on low-profile saddles reduce bulk between horse & rider. The more generous gussets on regular models offer greater flexibility for your saddle-fitter to adjust the wither and spine clearance, and to correctly balance the saddle.
Adjustable Knee and Calf Blocks

The size and position of the knee/thigh or calf blocks can be easily altered to customize support of the rider's leg.
(Except certain S-model saddles with surface blocks)


# 29923 K & M Dressage
High Wither Model
Cob/Warmblood Model
# 29929 K & M 'S' Dressage w/Velcro Blocks
High Wither 'S' Model w/Velcro Blocks
Low-Profile 'S' Model w/Velcro Blocks
# 29932 K & M 'S' Dressage w/Fixed Blocks
High Wither 'S' Model w/Fixed Blocks
Low-Profile 'S' Model w/Fixed Blocks


# 30729 K & M 'S' Jump


# 33827 K & M All-Purpose
High Wither A/P Model
Flat-back A/P Model
Cob A/P Model