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Tracey Dickson, General Manager, is a life-long horse lover and has owned horses since 1973. She has competed with some success in the Jumper and Dressage rings, has dabbled in Hunters & Equitation and regularly foxhunted with the Lake of Two Mountains Hunt in the '70s. Her true passion is for Eventing, which helps explain why she got into the tack business in the first place! Tracey writes most of the articles for 'The Tackroom Journals'-
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Alison Tresidder organizes the staff and oversees the day-to-day running of the store. Also known as "the queen of shipping & receiving", Alison has owned horses for most of her life and was the 'Pony Club Mum' for her daughter Laura's activities. She currently looks after 2 horses at home.

Best way to contact Alison: Facebook

Vicky Chalmers is a dedicated horsewoman who currently owns 'Monty' and has competed with Hunters, in Dressage, and Eventing. She is a highly-skilled professional saddle-fitter with her own company, "Stuff-It", and also manages Sandridge's saddle department.

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Jenny Huza started trail riding at the age of 5 and has been training in Dressage since the age of 12. Jenny currently owns 3 horses, and looks forward to showing herTrakhener/Thoroughbred, 'Marnie', in the future. She manages Riviera Dressage Stables and trains horses when she's not at Sandridge.

Best way to contact Jenny: Facebook

Olivia Lamontagne began riding at the age of 6 and has competed in the hunter ring for a number of years. Currently studying Law, when not at school or working at Sandridge, Olivia can be found at the barn schooling a variety of horses.

Gabriella Martel started riding at the age of seven, and competed in the dressage ring with her first horse. She then moved on to the jumper ring with her horse 'Tuxedo'. Gabriella now owns three horses and is looking forward to training and riding her newest horse, 'Bobby'.

Suzy Carsley developed an affection for horses at the age of 13 when her family moved to Alberta. She was soon hooked on showing with her pony, ‘Magic’. After returning to her hometown, Montreal, she rode on and off as a hunter /jumper and frequented the Lake of Two Mountains Hunt before buying her gentle giant 'Tommy Shanks’ 30 years later! An avid rider and animal lover, Suzy is often found wrangling her son Josh and training her Newfie Lola when she is not at Sandridge.